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GMCG Inventory Engine Alpha 2

Over the weekend I worked some more on my inventory engine for the GMCG.  I finished a few more features, like picking up items from the game world and dropping items from containers.  I also fixed some bugs which caused unexpected behavior when trying to add or remove zero items.
Additionally, I shamelessly borrowed databot‘s idea of using strings as keys for item data.  Far, far better than using named constants.


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GMCG Inventory Engine Alpha

Here’s an alpha of my inventory system.  Anything TES Oblivion’s inventory could do, it can do.  It has containers, individual item enchantments, picking up items.  Most of the stuff we need is implemented already, still need to do some testing and add a few features.  I normally wouldn’t post something this unfinished, but it seems that the GMCG team wants a more rapid development cycle.